About FM Perfume Shop


To be your boss, you just take one decision. And we did this over 20 years ago. We build several online websites successfully and needed a new challenge. This was the moment we joined the FM Group.

We decided to join FM World because their business model is mainly based on the timeless product of great quality perfumes, FM also allows you to freely determine your own development dynamics. This large autonomy and flexibility in operation helps people to achieve outstanding results. We have over 20 years of experience with online marketing.

By working with FM WORLD you gain access to a comprehensive range of high quality products for everyday use, where you will find something for everyone.

There are no problems that can’t be solved.

We are convinced that high-quality perfume is not expensive, but is made expensive by, for example, the marketing methods. I also think it is important that everyone should have the opportunity to generate extra income, with the person deciding whether, when and how much time you want to spend on it. My conviction is that motivation comes from yourself, after all there are enough obligations!

FM World has operated already for a number of years and for the last several years you can see how much fun it gives by providing the opportunity to participate in the success of the people to join us. I pass on our method, which, when shared with the right person, individually delivers success. For starters, ask yourself – do you want to be your own boss?

FM Perfume Shop is part of PR-Digital The Netherlands

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